Hair Extensions

Therapy Hair Salon and Spa specializes in all types of quality, human hair extensions.  Remi-quality hair is the finest, virgin hair that is free of chemical processes and all hair cuticles are one directional, preventing any matting or tangling.  The hair can be shampooed, dried and styled like your very own hair.  There is a one-time cost for the hair, ranging from $100-$300, depending on the length and amount needed.  The hair, if well-maintained, can be worn and re-used for up to 8-10 months. 

Seamless Tape

Seamless tape extensions allow the client to have a near-seamless extension.  It is the most natural looking and feeling technique yet.  The hair comes in a weft form and is taped at the root, allowing the client to pull her hair into a ponytail without any bumps or extensions showing. With proper maintenance, they can be worn up to 6-10 weeks before needing re-done.


Extensions Hair Length Chart

Color Chart

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